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Canda, United States, Mexico

Why we need a North American Union right now!!!

Welcome to NAUTC the North American Union Transitional council

This is an open think tank forum to discuss the idea of a North American Union. Canada, Mexico and the United States merging into one superstate.

There are many threats face our current way of life and even our existence. Here are some of the main motivating factors as to why we believe a North American Union is needed now.

1. American cannot pay  the 17 trillion dollars in debt it owes.
2. The purchasing power of the dollar is declining and soon will no longer be the world reserve currency.
3. We will lose our main superpower status to china.
4. If world war 3 started today the united states would lose.
5. The united states has lost it’s credibility in the eyes of the world and is no longer seen as the protector of freedom and liberty but they are now seen as the bad guy.

In case you haven’t been watching the news lately world war 3 is about to break out. Life on earth will not be sustainable after this war. The only way out is if aliens from outer space intervene or we formed a North American Union Today.